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Chain Gangsters is a 2021 Looney Tunes Cartoons short.


On a starlit night in New Looney City, Bugs Bunny is looking for a carrot store that's open 24/7. He passes a bank Rocky and Mugsy have just robbed. They are trying to evade the police. When Bugs finds a carrot shoppe that's only open 23/7, he accidentally bumps into the criminal pair and is mistaken for one of Rocky's gang members by an Irish cop. Bugs protests, but the cop tells him to shut up before sentencing him, Rocky, and Mugsy to the state prison. There, Rocky decides that he and Mugsy are to tunnel out of jail at sundown with the help of Bugs, since his species, the European Rabbit, is an expert tunneler. Bugs suggests they should leave tomorrow due to today's special being carrot stew, but Rocky rebukes his advice.

That night, Bugs tunnels Rocky and Mugsy out of jail as promised and eventually reaches the surface, but tells them that they should wait until it is safe to emerge. However, Rocky silences him and declares that they emerge now, but when he and Mugsy do so, they discover that they are below a space rocket and immediately try to scramble back down before they get burned alive from its exhaust. Bugs roasts a carrot and says rocket fuel brings out the flavor. Eventually, the three of them escape into a cornfield, but Bugs holds the gangsters back upon finding a quarter, with Rocky scolding him as punishment. A bus rolls by with only Bugs being allowed on board while Rocky and Mugsy get battered black and blue on the 53-mile journey.

When they finally reach the bus stop, they are caught by the Irish cop once more, yet Bugs manages to hide the gangsters in a trash compactor at Rocky's request while he disguises himself as a garbageman to tell the cop that he won't find them there before sending him on his way. All of a sudden, Granny has come to dispose of two anvils, a box of armed mousetrap, and a barrel of nuclear waste. Bugs is happy to oblige, causing Rocky and Mugsy to be pummeled, pinched and horribly mutated as a result. Bugs allows Granny to push the compactor button and squish the gangsters into a cube of trash. Rocky says they have to dispose of the rabbit at a railway crossing. They blindfold Bugs and tell him that his imminent death is a surprise, but as they lay out their chains to free themselves, they do not notice that two more trains are behind them and immediately are run over.

Afterwards, Bugs learns that his gift is the train tracks, but Rocky and Mugsy have become scarred by his antics and plead to be let back into the state prison. Bugs frees himself from his chains and decides that he will visit them from time to time.