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Clippety Clobbered is a 1966 Looney Tunes short directed by Rudy Larriva.


Wile E. Coyote waits by his mailbox. A mail helicopter drops a package, but its parachute fails to open, and it crashes onto him. Road Runner also runs by and blows a raspberry to Wile E. As Wile E. detaches the parachute, Road Runner runs in the opposite direction and the parachute opens, blowing Wile E. off a cliff and down into a cactus patch. The coyote opens the package to reveal a chemistry lab.

  1. He concocts some invisible paint, paints himself invisible, and waits in the middle of the road. Road Runner, unable to see him, bumps right into the coyote and knocks him off a cliff. Road Runner also uses the invisible paint to drop an invisible boulder on the coyote.
  2. Next, Wile E. builds a brick wall across the road and paints it invisible. Road Runner runs right through it as if it weren't there, so the coyote chases him but smacks into the invisible wall.
  3. Wile E. returns to the lab and invents a super-bouncy substance. He pours it all over himself and chases Road Runner again, but he misses and bounces uncontrollably around the desert. Eventually, a twig from a cliff snags the bouncy coating, flinging Wile E. out of it and into the air, causing the coyote to crash land onto the ground.
  4. Wile E. assembles a jet canister. When he starts using it, he spirals haphazardly before being able to track after Road Runner. He propels himself through a garment truck and into a train tunnel, where he sees a headlight coming toward him. At first, Wile E. turns away to avoid getting hit only to see it being Road Runner wearing a mining helmet. He then returns into the tunnel and rams into an oncoming train.

Now planted onto the front of the train, the coyote looks back in concern. A zoom-in onto his right eye reveals Road Runner running towards the front, and Road Runner waves goodbye before running off.




  • On a scene where Wile E. falls while having the bouncy coating and Road Runner is watching on a cliff, Wile E. falls directly through a part of the ground of the cliff instead of crashing onto it.



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