Cock of the Walk

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Cock of the Walk
Cock of the Walk is a Merrie Melodies song from The Looney Tunes Show sung by Foghorn Leghorn.


I say, I say,
Everyday I go out walkin'.
All them ladies start a' squakin'.
'Cause they know that I'm the coolest bird around.
Now son, I've been to Paris.
On a boat with fifty sails.
Got thrown into the water
and I wrestled me a whale.
'Cause I'm a bird of action,
I don't just talk-the-talk.
one thing about ol' Foghorn, son
I'm the Cock of the Walk.
I redesigned the Taj Mahal
and painted every room.
I drive a big ol' monster truck
that runs on cheap perfume.
I won Olympic gold
for every race I've ever run.
and I got a Nobel Prize
just for havin' too much fun.
A tiger tried to eat me
but I punched him in the nose.
I caught the Loch Ness Monster
and a flock of U.F.O.s!
Harvard hired me to be
their number one head teacher.
I won an Oscar for best rooster
in an animated feature!
I walk into the hen house
and all the chickens start to squak.
You look at me, you're lookin' at the
Cock of the Walk.
You look at me, you really see the
Cock of the Walk.

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