Counselor Dish (pun "hot dish") is the loyal follower of the Martian Empire's Commander Z-9. She assists him in a coup to take over the empire from Tyr'ahnee. She was defeated in karate with the Martian queen, who kicked the robot's head off. Cadet then used the head to finish off Z-9.


Dish has the appearance of an android, bald with metal plating, rings around length of the arms, Purple eyes, a violet markings on her nose and, unlike many other females in the series, has large breasts. She wears a yellow tank top, black panties, and gold high heels.


She is very skilled in combat, and ready to pilot many vehicles, proved by how she successfully kidnapped The Queen, beat up the instand martians, and how she "Kicks Butt" in trainings.


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