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Country Boy is a 1935 Merrie Melodies short directed by Isadore Freleng.


One morning, a rabbit mother is getting her children ready for school. However, she can't find one of her children, Peter Cottontail, and calls him to see him hiding in a chicken barn. Peter is given his books and is spanked by the feather duster he used to disguise himself as a chicken. On his way, he reluctantly kicks a can of tomato paste until he stubs his foot. He sees a farmer's garden of vegetables and tries to sneak inside, but his three siblings catches him and yells repeatedly that they will tell on Peter to his mother and teacher. They remind Peter that if he enters the garden, he will be beaten to a pulp, but Peter believes that he can easily pummel the farmer. However, the school bell rings, and Peter and the three children hurriedly head to school, but Peter turns back and sneaks into the garden.

Peter firstly finds some carrots and devours them whole, then slices through some green beans to eat them, which happen to be jumping beans, causing Peter to uncontrollably jump. He tries to pick up a beet, but is unable to, so he uses a well to reel the beet, which draws an entire string of beets and the cow that was going to eat it. The cow falls into the well, causing a massive splash that catches the attention of the farmer, who was mowing the grass. Peter realizes he has been caught and escapes via lawnmower, haphazardly driving through most of the farmer's plants and crops. He ends up being drenched into buckets of maple syrup and runs into a chicken coop, being completely feathered. He jumps up to the nearest post and crows like a rooster.





  • This short is loosely based on Beatrix Potter's story The Tale of Peter Rabbit.
  • This short is the first short to change the color of the curtain titles from red to green, which would be used until "Flowers for Madame". The voice for the jester is also finalized to a more high-pitched voice.
  • This short was redrawn in color in the 1970s by Radio & Television Packagers despite already being in color. The cartoon was retitled "Country Boy Rabbit".[3] This version is sourced from an incomplete black-and-white print that ends during the middle of the climax.