Lt crying for the carolines

Crying for the Carolines is a 1930 Spooney Melody produced by Leon Schlesinger Studios for Warner Brothers.


The short starts with some imagery (not cel animated, but physical movement of images) of a yacht sailing in the night, viewed through an aperture that takes various shapes, including an irregular star. We also see scenes of skyscrapers and farmscapes in stylised form. The song "Cryin' for the Carolines" is played throughout the short, first as an instrumental organ backing, and then as a vocal and organ performance by Milton Charles. In the second part of the short, we see Charles in live action singing and playing the organ.


  • According to The Vitaphone Project, which tracks the status of early Warner Bros. sound films, all five Spooney Melodies survive.
  • This short is cited by some as an early example of a music video.
  • Most of the animation appears to be live manipulation of cutouts of paintings and drawings. A possible exception is the sunrise over the farmhouse.