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Cube Wars is a Looney Tunes Webtoons cartoon. It is part of the Royal Mallard series.


Elmer Fudd has an efficiency report due by 5:00, but keeps getting distracted by Bugs and Daffy fooling around. Then pop-up advertisements pop up on Elmer's computer, and his attempts to close them lead to it crashing and deleting all of his files. In a fit of rage, Elmer breaks the computer and brings out a typewriter instead. As he begins to type, Bugs and Daffy continue to annoy him. When Elmer confronts Daffy, Bugs tells him that they were just getting ready for a surprise party. They show him a cake reading "SO LONG ELMER," which they throw at his face. Elmer realizes that it is 5:00 and his report still isn't finished. He gathers up what he has of it and runs to the office, which is "under new management" from Bugs and Daffy. Elmer goes berserk and jumps out the window.

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11 Cube Wars

11 Cube Wars

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