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Daffuccino is a 2021 Looney Tunes Cartoons short.


The title is a pun on "cappuccino", an Italian espresso-based coffee drink prepared with steamed milk foam, and in some variations, topped with a flavoring of cinnamon or chocolate powder.


In the heart of New Looney City, Porky Pig has just held a grand opening of his brand new small business, a coffee shop named Porky & Beans, and is cheerfully hoping to use it to expand upon his finances and make a shedload of cash. Six months later, however, he has not received a single customer at all by Halloween and is now down on his luck. A very rich lady enters the shop, promising to spread the word about the store to her high society coffee-loving friends and make it into the next hot coffee spot if Porky makes a great drink for her, whilst threatening to destroy him should he fail. She requests one double half-mocha, extra sugar, triple espresso, quarter decaf, twenty-six percent lactose, free range, non-dairy milk, on the rocks, hold the sugar, hold the ice, extra dairy coffee. Daffy Duck, Porky's only employee and kitchenhand, volunteers to make the beverage, claiming that there is no concoction that he cannot craft, and he guarantees satisfaction, unknowingly inciting the rich lady's disgust with his pronounced lisp.

When Daffy enters the kitchen, it turns out that he has no idea how to make coffee. He starts by smashing the emergency coffee bean case wide open. The rich lady is snobbishly curious about his antics and getting more impatient by the second. He grinds them along with some dust he just swept, but accidentally gets himself caught in the grinder. Once loose, he puts the beans in the old espresso machine, but fiddles with the machinery, causing it to explode after it liquefies them into coffee. With the coffee having been destroyed and the mug the only remnant standing, Daffy goes to the fridge, finding a freezing cold cow that squirts his face with milk, which he calmly rubs off with a sponge and squeezes into the stagnant, feather-infested coffee. Daffy goes to the milk frother to skim the coffee, but instead turns the kitchen into a sauna and almost is run over by an ocean liner, agitating the rich lady. Despite this, Daffy alerts her that everything his under control. A flock of seagulls flies out of the kitchen, which only adds fuel to her fire.

Porky hastily tells Daffy about the bad review she will use to ruin them both, but the duck nonchalantly informs him the all he has to do now is add the whipped cream. Unfortunately, Daffy discovers that the dispenser is running low, so he shakes it to get the cream loose, but he flies everywhere and splatters cream all over the place, eventually landing in the coffee himself. Porky enters the kitchen and discovers the freshly-made drink and serves it to the rich lady just in time, as she is about to leave. Porky attempts to apologize, but the lady shushes him and reluctantly tastes the coffee. To her surprise, she finds it wonderful, until Daffy reveals himself as the secret ingredient and swiftly romances her. Porky happily comments on his future success while Daffy and the rich lady happily woo-hoo in their newfound love.


  • Porky's coffee shop, Porky & Beans, is a partial reference to Beans, one of Porky's earliest co-stars in the mid-1930s, though Beans doesn't appear.
  • The elderly lady with the ripped dress and leaves from the 1936 Tex Avery-directed Looney Tunes cartoon "Page Miss Glory" appears as Porky & Beans' first customer and has a major role.