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Daffy Duck: Fowl Play is a video game for the Game Boy Color from Sunsoft. It is a one player game.


The game involves Daffy Duck attempting to get treasure.


There are six levels in total, the country where there is no peace; the lakeside where you are forced to jump into a lake, then dive off an enormous cliff; a forest that is full of scary creatures; a bunch of dangerous jumps and some stinging scorpions; and the last place in the game the desert, the place where the treasure is but first you have to get past some traps. Daffy in the game starts with five lives, each time that an enemy grabs him, falling into a trap, or his energy meter runs out, he ends up losing one of his lives. Hearts and bags of money will be able to increase his lives. Food that has been left behind by the enemies will increase his energy level, and the treasure box that appears at the end of each stage will give him access to the next one.

Passwords are also given out, so that you can restore the game where you last left it.

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