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Daffy Duck the Wizard title card

Title Card

Daffy Duck the Wizard is a Merrie Melodie for The Looney Tunes Show. It is performed by Damon Jones featuring Daffy Duck, and appears in the episode Sunday Night Slice.


Behold the wizard.
Beware his powers.
Unspeakable powers.

Under the gaze of the necromancer.
A silver staircase starts to rise.
People stand on it and marvel at the power shooting from his eyes.
Cold food becomes hot again,
When his spell unfolds
With a mere wave of his hand, his hot dog will explode!

In the presence of the wizard,
Traffic will stop at his whim.
He can cross the street, no problem, as the cars bow down in front of him.
Channels on the TV change.
He's still in his chair.
Then he pulls his magic wand, and reclines in the air.

Daffy: (In back story) By the dim light of the dream realm's black sun, the Wizard climbs the frozen waterfall of Voldrini in search of Celestia, the guardian of infinite power.
When suddenly a terrible Garlon appears and attacks with ice, but the Wizard is undeterred.
The Garlon roars and unleashes the most sinister wind, but the wizard is undeterred.
The Garlon summons the stones of Prophynia, but the wizard is undeterred.
Calling upon the powers of the ancient, the wizard conjures a sacred fire and casts his foe into the molten maw of an insatiable Gort. Thanks, Gort.
Ahh, Celestia. I think you're going to enjoy this.

The Wizard stands on the precipice of ultimate power.
The gates open to reveal...

Daffy: (awake) Ooh! How long was I asleep?
Bugs: Three days. You have a bed, you know.
Daffy: I'm starving. I gotta get something to eat.

Famished from his latest quest, the wizard seeks a snack.
He sets sail for ecstasy at the Quesadilla Shack.
He is the wizard!
The mystical wizard!

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