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Danger Duck
Background information
Species: Duck
Gender: Male
Debut appearance: Loonatics on Ice
Created by: Adam Trevor Grant
Joseph Louis Grant
Portrayed by: Jason Marsden

Danger Duck is a character on Loonatics Unleashed. He was voiced by Jason Marsden.


Danger Duck, usually referred to as just 'Duck', is the spotlight-hungry, egoistical member of the Loonatics. He is a descendant of Daffy Duck and possibly Melissa Duck, or Tina Russo. He wears a black uniform with orange accents. His voice sounds similar to Daffy Duck's, only with a less prominent version of his trademark lisp.


Duck longs to lead the Loonatics, though he is shown to accept Ace's leadership when the team is in dire straits. Duck boasts teleportation powers (called a "quantum quack" in the opening credits and simply called "quacking" by Duck himself) and the ability to toss power orbs with random contents (often referred to as "eggs"). In the second season, he developed a new power called Aqua Dense, which allows him to manipulate water into large energy beams when using an egg underwater.

Loonatics Unleashed Episode 6 - The Comet Cometh

Duck working at a swimming pool

Before gaining his powers, Duck worked as a cleaner at a swimming pool, and, true to form, he dreamed of becoming a lifeguard. Like his ancestor Daffy Duck, Duck is greedy and egotistical, and shares some of his catchphrases, such as "You're despicable!" and "Anyone for tennis?".

As the designated comic relief, Duck is often shown to be inferior to the other characters, whether it be through his large ego, his short temper, or his tendency to screw up. However, he proves his worth from time to time, like in Weathering Heights when he let himself be used as bait, and in Acmegeddon - Part II when he managed to free Zadavia from Optimatus on his own. In A Creep in the Deep, Duck also displayed surprisingly good leadership abilities while Ace was captured.


  • Power Orb Randomizer: Tosses powerful flaming spheres of energy (often referred to as "eggs"). The eggs usually explode or materialize other things, usually liquids, upon explosion. This effect has ranged from creating orange juice, to tar, to large boulders, to simply explosive eggs. Duck has not learned to completely control the outcome of the eggs' contents.
  • Quantum Quack: The ability to teleport (or "quack", as Duck himself calls it) short distances through (and sometimes into) solid objects. There is a small delay after he teleports, to when he reappears, thus making it less efficient for long distance travel than Rev's Sonic Speed.
  • Aqua Dense: When throwing his eggs in water, he instead fires powerful blast of aquatic energy. He can then manipulate it by keeping his hands in the water.


  • Of all the Loonatics, Danger Duck has the closest resemblance to his ancestor.