Devil in the Deep Blue Sea
Devil in the Deep Blue Sea
Series: Taz-Mania
Season: 1
Episode No. 6b
Directed By: Keith Baxter
Written By: Bill Kopp
Chris Otsuki
Art Vitello
Released: September 28, 1991
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Devil in the Deep Blue Sea is an episode of the animated series Taz-Mania directed by Keith Baxter.  It first aired 28 Sep 1991.


The title is a play on the idiom "between the devil and the deep blue sea."


Digeri Dingo searches for treasure. He finds a bottle cap and is rather pleased because it is a collectible. Then he finds a treasure map but is too lazy to dig it up. He offers Taz the bottle cap if he'll help, but Taz isn't interested. He enlists Taz's help by promising that the treasure is snack food. Despite the fact that "Taz hate water," Digeri makes him row out in the ocean and repeatedly dive to retrieve a series of artifacts. They battle a series of sea beasts including a giant octopus, a school of sharks, and a giant clam. When they finally bring the treasure back on land, Digeri opens it to find it really is a chest full of snack food. Taz dives in and refuses to share. Digeri says "At least I've got my '82 Fizzy Drop soda pop top" until the iris closes around his hand and the cap pops into the foreground.


This episode marks the first appearance of Digeri Dingo.


  • The Little Mermaid makes a cameo as one of the artifacts Taz brings up from the sea bottom.


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