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Dog Gone People is a 1960 Merrie Melodies short directed by Robert McKimson.


Elmer Fudd receives a phone call from his boss, Mr. Crabtree, asking him to watch his dog Rupert while on break. Elmer Fudd, wanting to get a possible promotion at his job, agrees to take care him. Mr. Crabtree tells Fudd that employees can either go up or go down in the company. If he does a good job, there just might be a vice-presidency for him at his company. However, when Elmer calls Rupert a mutt, Mr. Crabtree tells Elmer that Rupert thinks he's human and expects to be treated like one. Mr. Crabtree leaves, and Rupert places his hat onto a counter.

Fudd is over his head as he tries to accommodate Rupert and not offend him. He first makes Rupert watch a television show called Classy, a spoof of Lassie. Rupert is angered and almost walks out on Elmer, but Elmer tells him to come back saying he watches Classy as well. Elmer makes dinner and gives dog food to Rupert, but Rupert wants to eat the steak Elmer was going to eat. As Elmer realized he goofed again, he tells Rupert he can make a compromise, and Elmer is forced to eat the dog food while Rupert eats Elmer's steak. During bedtime, Elmer gives Rupert a dog bed. "Oh no, another boo-boo," says Elmer as Rupert heads out. Elmer tries to hide Rupert's hat, but Rupert calls Mr. Crabtree on the phone and signifies to Elmer he is likely going to get demoted. Elmer sleeps on the dog bed and in the morning walks with a large box-shaped lump on his back while stating, "Oh, that miserable mutt."

As Elmer prepares for breakfast, Rupert helps himself to Elmer's bay rum in the bathroom and drives Elmer's car, wreaking havoc against the traffic and causing the both of them to be arrested for driving while intoxicated. "It's not bad enough letting your dog drive, but driving drunk? Sheesh." Mr. Crabtree bails both Elmer and Rupert and tells Elmer not to worry as he will be going "up, up, up!"

Elmer is actually demoted to flagpole cleaner, and he "moves up" to the top of the company's flagpole. As Elmer is cleaning the outside of the building, he wonders to himself how this could have happened as he was sure he did what Mr. Crabtree asked of him, and he wonders who got the vice presidency; Rupert sits at the vice president's desk.





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