Dog Gone South
Doggone South Remastered TC
Directed By: Chuck Jones
Produced By: Eddie Selzer (uncredited)
Released: August 26, 1950
Series: Merrie Melodies
Story: Michael Maltese
Animation: Phil Monroe
Ben Washam
Ken Harris
Lloyd Vaughan
Emery Hawkins
Layouts: Robert Gribbroek
Backgrounds: Philip DeGuard
Film Editor: Treg Brown (uncredited)
Voiced By: Mel Blanc
Music: Carl Stalling
Starring: Charlie Dog
Train Passenger
Preceded By: Hillbilly Hare
Succeeded By: The Ducksters

Dog Gone South is a 1950 Merrie Melodies cartoon directed by Chuck Jones.


Charlie Dog is in search of a master as always. He travels to the South (where he gets kicked off a train near a sign reading "Welcome to Platt Falls"), and eventually finds a plantation that he would enjoy living on. He wants the owner, a Confederate Colonel, to be his owner, but the Colonel happens to already have a dog, a bulldog named Belvedere, and is put off by Charlie's overbearing personality and obnoxiousness.



  • The original print is copyrighted MCML (1950), while reissue print is copyrighted MCMXLIX (1949).
  • Belvedere the Bulldog physically resembles Hector the Bulldog, but with yellow fur and super-deformed back legs shorter than its front legs, so short that they stay mid-air when it walks on all fours.
  • This cartoon marks the second and final classic appearance of Colonel Shuffle.
  • This cartoon, as a whole, has not been seen on American television since the late-1990s, perhaps due to Civil War references and Southern stereotypes. While the Turner networks in the United States, such as Cartoon Network and Boomerang, don't currently air this, the Turner networks internationally have shown this cartoon uncut and uncensored.