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Dog Tales is a 1958 Looney Tunes short directed by Robert McKimson.


Dogs have been domesticated for years and comes in various different breeds. Many are showcased:

  1. A young Newfoundland dog is with an older breed called an "Oldfoundland".
  2. A dog that is sitting down and pointing is debated to be a pointer or a setter until finally declared a "pointer-setter" over a picture of a "poinsettia" flower.
  3. A small Chihuahua is shivering inside a city house. The Chihuahua doesn't appear scared but nervous. The dog replies otherwise, saying, "I don't care what you say, senor, but I'm freezing."
  4. A male French poodle flirts with a female French poodle, much like Pepé Le Pew.
  5. At a military base, a Doberman pinscher viciously pinches overweight U.S. Army private "Doberman".
  6. An ever popular "Elvis" states that he is a hound dog and dances.
  7. At a dog show, many dogs are awarded blue ribbons, while Victor Barky plays the piano.
  8. Charlie Dog is told he doesn't belong in the dog show. Charlie says that he is fifty percent various dogs but is generally a Labrador retriever. He is pulled out of the dog show by cane.
  9. A malicious kid drops a cat into the dog show, causing all of the dogs to chase after it.
  10. Some dogs are trained for different tasks. The St. Bernard dog searches for someone frozen in the mountain and digs out a climber. However, the dog mixes himself a drink from his keg and hiccups back down the alpines.
  11. A dog coach trains a group of wolves and tells them to fight.
  12. Loyalty and devotion is a trait all dogs share. One dog named Laddie runs through the entirety of the United States to meet up with his dogowner in California, but the dog cares more about a bone buried in the yard. Laddie digs the bone out and smooches it repeatedly.



  • This short reuses animation from Chuck Jones' "Often an Orphan" (1949) and Friz Freleng's "Foxy by Proxy" (1952) and "Piker's Peak" (1957).
  • Laddie resembles Robert/Roberta from the short "Mixed Master".
  • Charlie Dog appears via reused animation from "Often an Orphan". This cartoon also marks the last appearance of Charlie Dog in the Golden Age of American Animation and his only appearance in a Robert McKimson-directed cartoon.
  • Three of the dogs sound like other Looney Tunes characters: the chihuahua sounds like Speedy Gonzales, the French poodle sounds like Pepe Le Pew, and the Elvis-looking hound dog sounds like Foghorn Leghorn.
  • MeTV aired a previously unreleased restored print of this cartoon on Saturday Morning Cartoons. This was the final unrestored cartoon from 1958 to be restored.