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Dog Tired is a 1942 Merrie Melodies short directed by Chuck Jones.


The Two Curious Puppies, whilst arguing for a bone, chase each other into the city zoo, where they have confrontations with various animals, including a loud hyena who often laughs at them.




  • This is the only Curious Puppies cartoon not to be reissued, and the final appearance of The Curious Puppies.
  • The American Turner "dubbed version" replaces the original 1941-1955 MM ending music cue with a 1939-1941 MM ending music cue, although the European Turner "dubbed version" retains the original 1941-1955 MM ending music cue.
  • This was Rich Hogan's last cartoon for Warner Bros. that he wrote before he left for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer where he became one of Tex Avery's screenwriters for his team alongside Heck Allen and Jack Cosgriff.
  • This cartoon marks the last time Chuck Jones relied heavily on the slow-paced and cutesy, Disney-inspired style in his cartoons before moving on to fast-paced and more comedic cartoons such as "The Draft Horse" and "The Dover Boys". Since then, his only two surviving Disney-inspired characters at the time, such as Sniffles and Inki, have their final cartoons retooled to be faster-paced and and more comedic than they used to, before being retired for good in 1946's "Hush My Mouse" and 1950's "Caveman Inki" respectively.


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