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Doggone Cats is a 1947 Merrie Melodies short directed by Arthur Davis.


Sylvester and his friend, which is an orange cat, are being chased by a bulldog named Wellington. The chase comes to a stop when the dog is visited by his mistress, who forces him to deliver a package to Uncle Louie, telling him, "And don't let go of it or else!" The cats take advantage of this and torment him.

First, they smash an egg right in Wellington's face, then hit him with a garbage can, tie him up to a train, run over him, throw him in the river, and lastly flatter him with a steamroller. When Wellington delivers the package, he finds out that it contains dinner for the two cats.




On Cartoon Network, Boomerang (TV only; the gag is retained on the streaming service)[1], The WB, and MeTV, the scene of Wellington harassing the cats by banging trash can lids against the can they're in and Wellington's mistress yelling at him to come to her was shortened to remove a trash can lid landing on Wellington's head and Wellington briefly impersonating a Chinese peasant. Coincidentally, the scene of Wellington falling backward into a cigar store Indian statue and the statue stuffing cigars in his mouth was left in on all three channels, despite all four channels having a history of editing Native American stereotypes and, in the cases of Cartoon Network, Boomerang, and The WB, scenes of characters smoking tobacco products.

  • When MeTV aired this edited, part of the scene was retained where Wellington gets hit in the head with the trash can. This is in contrast to what the other three channels did, where the entire scene was omitted.


  • When the short was reissued as a blue ribbon, the title was changed to Dog Gone Cats.
  • This one of the only two shorts featuring Sylvester to be directed by Arthur Davis. The other is "Catch as Cats Can". Coincidentally, they were both released in 1947.
  • Sylvester in this short is portrayed differently. In this short, he has an unnamed yellow feline partner, is more of a trickster, and doesn't talk (contrast with "Catch as Cats Can", where Sylvester can talk, but has a dopier voice with no lisp). This personality would reappear in the 1948 Merrie Melodies short "Back Alley Oproar". Coincidentally, both were blue ribbon reissued, and have their original titles exist.
  • Wellington would eventually reappear in "Odor of the Day", which was the only Pepé Le Pew short to be directed by Arthur Davis (and also had an established Looney Tunes character with a different personality under Arthur Davis' direction).
  • The short was in Cinecolor and re-released as a Blue Ribbon in 1955-56 season. The original opening rings and title and original ending survive on a pre-1950 16mm print.[2]
  • MeTV+ aired a previously unreleased restored print of the cartoon on Sunday Night Cartoons.
    • However, though the original titles are known to exist, it was restored with the blue ribbon titles.



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