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Don't Look Now is a 1936 Merrie Melodies short directed by Tex Avery.


On Valentine's Day in the world of forest animals, Cupid and Satan battle over getting couples together or breaking them apart. Dan Cupid sets out to bring some lovers together. The Devil tries to thwart Cupid's every move by making it look as if the male has been cheating on the female by using lipstick stains and blonde hairs. One gag actually involves two bears getting married; the Devil tries to wreck it by bribing two little cubs with candy to say "Daddy!" The Devil ends up marrying a skunk.




  • A copy of the original Blue Ribbon print has been found on YouTube from an old French a.a.p. print (which was later used to air on France 3). The original 1947-48 reissue ending credits are found here.[2] A proper restoration of the short later aired on MeTV with the original ending titles.
  • A scene appears to have been removed from most prints of this cartoon and it is uncertain whether it was excised from the original release print or from the Blue Ribbon reissue. An abrupt cut occurs between the devil telling the girl bear to "sit on a tack" (making her believe it was the boy bear) and the devil laughing. Evidently there was something inappropriate about her reaction or the boy bear's reaction to her reaction.
  • This is the last Merrie Melodies cartoon to have the original 1936 ending card.
  • MeTV aired a previously unreleased restored print of the cartoon on "Toon In with Me". However, despite the original titles being found, this restored version uses the Blue Ribbon titles.
  • A SpongeBob SquarePants episode has the same title.