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Dough Ray Me-ow is a 1948 Merrie Melodies short directed by Arthur Davis.


Louie, a green pet parrot, is reading a book when Heathcliff the dumb cat yells for help. Heathcliff bounces up to Louie's perch, with a mousetrap on one of his fingers. Louie takes off the mousetrap, and Heathcliff gives Louie a hug. Not much later, Heathcliff comes back to Louie for help, his face purple. An angry Louie reminds Heathcliff to breathe, and Heathcliff does. Louie tells Heathcliff to go to the next room and play, but Heathcliff quickly comes back to Louie, this time with a paper. Heathcliff asks Louie to read to him what is on the paper, and Louie reluctantly does so.

However, the paper is actually a last will and testament from Heathcliff's owner, and it says Heathcliff will inherit the owner's one million dollars. The paper adds, "In the event of his disappearance, the money goes to my pet bird, Louie." Louie, seeing dumb Heathcliff, realizes that if Heathcliff is gone, Louie will have the one million dollars to himself. Knowing this, Louie tells Heathcliff that he doesn't need to know what the paper is about. Louie tries to get rid of the cat.

  1. Louie's first plan is to ask Heathcliff if he wants to go on a vacation. Heathcliff quickly agrees, excited about "no more classes, no more books, no more teachers' dirty looks". Louie lets Heathcliff out of the house and slams the door shut. Unfortunately for Louie, just a few seconds later, Heathcliff tells Louie that he's homesick.
  2. Louie pays a bulldog money to beat up Heathcliff, who is inside the house trying to catch his thumb. Louie screams for help, and Heathcliff sees that the bulldog is grabbing Louie's body. Not knowing it's a trick, Heathcliff runs outside to "save" Louie, just as the bulldog is getting ready. Louie reminds the bulldog to "get 'em good" as Heathcliff runs to Louie. The screen shakes several times, but Heathcliff is pounding the bulldog against the ground. Heathcliff remarks "You should not oughta done that, Louie is my friend, yes sir, my best little pal!" as he holds an angry Louie in his arms, continuing to beat the bulldog against the ground.
  3. Heathcliff, who is cracking nuts, is greeted by Louie, who places an apple on his head. Louie tells Heathcliff that he and Louie will play William Tell. Louie places a small apple on Heathcliff's head, and Heathcliff stumbles over to a wall in excitement. Louie, attempting to kill Heathcliff, fires thirteen arrows at Heathcliff. Much to Louie's surprise, they all hit the apple, and none of them hit Heathcliff.
  4. Louie tells Heathcliff to play radio with him, and Heathcliff agrees. Louie grabs a pair of wires attached to a plug, instructs Heathcliff to put them in his ears, and plug the wires into the wall, which he does. However, Heathcliff functions as a real radio, and he changes stations every time he presses his nose. Louie, angry that the "radio" works for Heathcliff, grabs the wires back and sticks them in his ears, only to be electrocuted and have "Eat at Joe's" blink on his chest over and over again.
  5. On some railroad tracks, Louie asks Heathcliff if he wants to play train, and Heathcliff, with a can on his head, agrees. Heathcliff begins to walk forward on the tracks, making train noises, not knowing a real train is arriving. As the train nears, Louie hides behind a signal. Heathcliff derails the entire train and crawls out from the debris unharmed, saying that he has done a bad thing, with a tear in his eye.
  6. Louie tells Heathcliff that there is a surprise for him, and Louie shows Heathcliff a birthday cake. Louie grabs three candles and a stick of dynamite, preparing to blow up Heathcliff. Heathcliff realizes that it is not his birthday, but Louie tells him that it is, and gives Heathcliff a match. Heathcliff lights the three candles and the stick of dynamite, but realizes that there are four candles, and says that he is only three. Heathcliff grabs the stick of dynamite from the cake, and hands it back to Louie, its fuse still lit. Louie hands the stick of dynamite back to Heathcliff, saying that he's four, but Heathcliff disagrees and hands it back. The two chase each other through the house, passing the stick of dynamite to each other, until Heathcliff stops Louie and tells him that he's four, and shows him his birth certificate, which states "You're Four". Heathcliff grabs the dynamite from Louie's hands, and it explodes.

Louie turns around, and is happy to see that Heathcliff is starting to die, with each of his nine lives floating into the air away from him. Heathcliff says goodbye to Louie, but just as Heathcliff's ninth life floats away, Louie laughs, and tells Heathcliff that if he hadn't died, he would've inherited one million dollars. Upon hearing this, Heathcliff's ninth life whistles to the other lives, and they all fly back into Heathcliff's body. Heathcliff wakes, saying, "If I can't take it with me, I'm not going!"




  • When this short aired on FOX's The Merrie Melodies Show and on Nickelodeon's Looney Tunes on Nickelodeon, two scenes of dangerous, imitable activity were edited:[2]
    • Louie the parrot tricking Heathcliff into sticking electric wires in his ears by saying it's a radio, only for Heathcliff to actually get radio transmissions through his ears,while Louie does the same thing and gets electrocuted
    • Louie then tricks Heathcliff into walking along railroad tracks with a can over his head -- and Heathcliff derailing the train and somehow surviving.