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Dr. Clovenhoof
Background information
Species: Sheep
Gender: Male
Debut appearance: Bugs in Time
(July 14, 2017)
Created by:
Portrayed by: Jeff Bennett

Dr. Clovenhoof is a character in New Looney Tunes.



  • At the end of most of Dr. Clovenhoof's segments, he is left alone and one of his inventions would say, "Let's take good care of him!"
  • He is the second scientist character in New Looney Tunes, with the first being Wile E. Coyote, although he is on friendly terms with Bugs, unlike Wile E, who is Bugs' rival.
  • In "Bugs in Time" when he says "Eureka!", Bugs says "Oh no! There you go with Eureka again!" revealing that Bugs has already knew him before.
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