Dr fidel chroniker

Dr. Fidel Chroniker

Dr. Chroniker is an aging inventor and grandfather to the Loonatics enemy "Time Skip." His work, attempting to develop a time machine, resulted in his grandson gaining a form of chronokinesis. He eventually made a working time machine which he could apparently use once a day to make contact with the past and turn back time, somewhat like the plots of the Back to the Future trilogy of films. Using this power, he repeatedly tried to warn the Loonatics about his grandson's evil plans, only to be denied help by Danger Duck, who thought the doctor was merely a foolish old man trying to find his grandson. When this didn't work and the Loonatics, unprepared, nearly lost in battle against Time Skip and the Trolbot 9000, Fidel would turn back time and try again. He eventually came into contact with Ace Bunny, who had been the first to notice that time was repeating itself and the two devised a plan. When Duck agreed to help him, Fidel did scold him a bit for his earlier behavior. Finally, together with The Loonatics, he set a trap for his grandson. Then, after a few minor mishaps, Time Skip was eventually caught. At that moment, Fidel said something to the effect that it was for the boy's own good and inferred that he would make better traps to contain him until Time Skip is ready to change his ways. Tech is a fan of his work and read all Chroniker's notes on temporal displacement.
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