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Drifting Apart is a Merrie Melodie of The Looney Tunes Show.


Mac: Oh, Tosh?
Tosh: Yes, Chum?
Mac: Would you like to split this tangerine soda?
Tosh: Actually, I never have carbonation in the afternoon!
Mac: I should have known that! Terribly sorry!
Tosh: No apology, chum. Let me cut you a slice of this nice zucchini bread!
Mac: Oh, no! I'm gluten-intolerant!
Tosh: Oh, of course you are! I should have known that!
Mac: Well, I shouldn't have thoughtlessly offered you that soda!
Tosh: What is happening to us?!
Mac: I don't know! It's like we're...
Mac: Out of sync!/Tosh: Not on the same page!

We're drifting apart.

Our friendship is broken.

Indubitably! We've made mistakes.

So much is unspoken.


Last week I wanted to watch our favorite cooking show.

But you left the room to watch women's tennis. That was really quite a blow.

When we were eating lunch at the palace of Versailles,

I ordered you potato chips but you said you wanted fries.

Well, I like French fries.

Since when do you like French fries?!

We're drifting apart!

The sweater I bought you doesn't match your skin tone!

We're drifting apart!

I made you curtains to clash with your throw rug!

It's like we are two sides of a very dented coin!

Without you, I feel like Béarnaise sauce without the top sirloin!

I don't know why this friendship train has suddenly derailed!

We used to be two snowflakes, now we're just two chunks of hail!

And as that hail hurtles toward Earth, they drift further apart!

They're like two frozen daggers ripping through my broken broken heart!

Two separate, lonely chunks of hail just falling to their doom!

They hit the ground with a thickening end-of-friendship sonic boom!

I'm sorry that I failed you!

Oh, no! 'Tis I that failed you!

Mac: Oh, well. I'd better go. I have tickets to Michael Bublé.
Tosh: WHAT?! I have backstage passes!
Mac: You don't say! Shall we share a rickshaw?
Tosh: Oh, splendid! I love rickshaws!
Mac: Oh, so do I!

Pete Puma/Mac and Tosh(alternating lines): We're not drifting apart!

And we never shall again!

No more drifting apart!

We'll remain the best of friends!

We're not drifting apart!

There will be no more strife!

No more drifting apart!

Best amigos for life!

We're not drifting apart!

I'm for you and you're for me!

No more drifting apart!

It's a friendship victory!

We're not drifting apart!

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