Duncan Duff
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Debut appearance: "Take Elmyra, Please"
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Duncan Duff is a character on Tiny Toon Adventures.

About Duncan

Duncan is the younger brother of Amanda and Elmyra Duff, but he is the oldest son of MacArthur and Emily Duff.

Duncan is obsessed with super heroes and has hopes and dreams to become one someday. Duncan is very aloof when it comes to certain things in reality but, does keep a watchful everything that goes around the neighborhood, on the Duff Family property, and in the Duff family household.

In "Take Elmyra, Please", Duncan was the only one in the family that knew that Elmyra was kidnapped by workers for an oil company that MacArthur was going to put out of business. He tells Emily about the abduction but, she thinks that he is making it up so, he decides to save his sister from the men that are trying to make MacArthur give up his Environmental Friendly fuel for his daughter's safe return.

In "Grandma's Dead", Duncan has a cold so he is forced to stay home from school but, he see that one of the neighbors had his grandmother's belongings and goes to see what the individual did with his grandmother but, comes to find out she was on a trip which was the cause of her absence.


  • "Mom! Elmyra has been Kidnapped! Elmyra has been Kidnapped!"
  • "Mom Beckons!"
  • "Mortal Mom? Giver of life in peril?"
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