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Easy Peckin's is a 1953 Looney Tunes short directed by Robert McKimson.


The title is a pun on "easy pickings".


A fox attempts to raid a chicken coop, but the coop is guarded by a no-nonsense, hulky rooster named George. To repel the fox's attempts, the rooster uses a gunpowder-filled chicken decoy, an exploding egg, a mallet, and a gun to keep the fox out of the chicken coop.

Later that night, the fox attempts to woo a lovesick hen named Clara, the wife of George, the same rooster which previously foiled the fox, using the Romeo and Juliet routine with the fox disguising himself as a rooster. Clara, flattered by the fox's romantic sweet-talk, attempts to pack her bags to leave with him, but her husband George catches both of them in the act, tells Clara off for her immaturity and naivety "Clara, act your age!" and sees through the fox's disguise by removing the fox's rooster disguise right in front of her eyes. George proceeds to give a fox a good thrashing, and gifts Clara a genuine fox coat, literally skinned off from the upper body of the fox, for which Clara is very thankful, and both rooster and hen romantically reconcile. The fox, now battered and beaten with no more fur on his upper body, repeats Clara's lines "You shouldn't have done it, George!" while in a daze from outside the chicken coop.





When this cartoon aired on The WB, the scene of the fox as Paul Revere, screaming, "Open up! The British are coming!" and George the Rooster (dressed as a Redcoat) shooting him in the face was cut.[2]



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