Egghead at the Zoo

Egghead is a character in Looney Tunes created by Tex Avery. He was voiced by Mel Blanc, Arthur Q. Bryan and later Danny Webb, also now by Roy Firestone and Tom Kenny. Egghead was the first recurring character created for Leon Schlesinger's Merrie Melodies series, which had previously contained only one-shot characters.

Avery used Egghead in several pictures such as Daffy Duck & Egghead, Cinderella Meets Fella, Hamateur Night, and A Day at the Zoo, all in the late 1930s. Egghead debuted in the 1937 cartoon Egghead Rides Again. Egghead initially was depicted as having a bulbous nose, funny/eccentric clothing, a voice like Joe Penner, and an egg-shaped head (thus the moniker "Egghead"). Egghead alternated from having a Moe Howard haircut to being bald and wearing a brown derby, a baggy suit, and a high-collared shirt. His voice, laugh, and mannerisms were very much like those of Joe Penner. Egghead is thought to be the prototype of Elmer Fudd. Egghead himself returned decades later in the compilation film Daffy Duck's Quackbusters. More recently, he also made a cameo appearance at the end of Looney Tunes: Back in Action. He has also made appearances in Looney Tunes comic books.



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