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Egghead Rides Again is a 1937 Merrie Melodies short directed by Tex Avery.


Energetic Egghead is bouncing around on a pogo stick, pretending to be a cowboy in his apartment room. His obnoxious cadence eventually annoys the clerk of the apartment complex and gets Egghead kicked out. As the clerk throws out all of Egghead's belongings, Egghead finds a newspaper ad for a wanted cowboy in Wyoming and runs to the post office to apply.

At the Bar-None Ranch in Wahoo, Wyoming, a group of cowboys are singing during the sunrise until they see the Pony Express drop mail. Upon opening the envelope, Egghead falls out and explains that he saw the advertisement and that he wants to get the job. The lead cowboy tells Egghead that he must shoot straight and ride horses to get the job.

For Egghead's first test, he must shoot at a cigarette, however, Egghead ends up nearly blasting the cowboy smoking it, causing the other cowboys to laugh at Egghead's misery. Next, Egghead must apply iron labeling onto a young calf, and ends up branding every cowboy but not the calf. He then takes on horse to catch the calf, and eventually corners the calf to the edge of the animal pen. Despite that, the calf, most spectacularly, ropes Egghead instead. The cowboys laugh again at Egghead's failure, causing Egghead, dejected and humiliated, to cry.

However, the lead cowboy decides to accept him as there's one job Egghead can do right. As Egghead chants his victory, he realizes that he is cleaning up after the cows and horses, and he says "Sweeps, again..."




  • First appearance of Egghead, who would later provide the inspiration for Elmer Fudd. However unlike later Egghead cartoons of the late-1930s, Egghead's voice is more similar to that of Daffy Duck rather than that of Joe Penner.
  • When Egghead is chasing the calf on a horse, a small arrangement of "The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down" plays.
  • The USA dubbed version is featured on the Kid Galahad DVD. In addition to different 1937-1938 MM dubbed ending cards, the USA dubbed print has red borders and a cleaner, 3-strip Techncolor color correction, while the EU dubbed print on the other hand has grey borders and a darker, more faded-looking 2-strip Technicolor-like color correction.This similar kind of differences in color corrections in the USA and EU prints also occurs in the Turner "dubbed version" print of "Dog Daze".
  • The final scene would be alluded to fourteen years later in "Drip-Along Daffy", in which Daffy Duck is given the job of cleaning up after the horses in the "one-horse town" when Porky Pig is chosen as the sheriff.