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Elf Help is a 2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons short.


At the North Pole, an anchorman recounts the terrible news that Santa Claus has been forced to unsuccessfully make all the presents by himself due to his elves going on strike, despite trying to work out a deal with them, coming to the conclusion that there won't be a Christmas at all this year. Watching this on their television set in Looneyville, Porky Pig and Daffy Duck are distraught; Daffy is especially infuriated at the elves' selfishness and laments that Santa constantly brings them lumps of coal to supply them with warmth for being naughty all year long. Porky worries over Santa's predicament, so Daffy decides that the two of them will be Santa's new elves. Porky is hesitant at first, but the duck easily persuades him into tagging along. Upon their arrival, they discover that the elves are blocking their path, so Daffy uses Porky as a bowling ball to strike their way in, with the pig landing slam dunk onto Santa's belly. Santa is depressed over his elves deserting him. However, Daffy lifts his spirits when he says he and Porky are up for the job of saving Christmas, and he belly smacks them into their elf suits. Ecstatic about their new position, Porky and Daffy set to work on building wooden horses and painting giraffes. Unfortunately, Santa heartily states he's traded it all away in favor of the mass manufacturing of high tech video game systems such as the Q Gam Spot DX before directing the pair to the foreboding factory in which they are made and telling them to get to work or else. When they enter, Porky begins to fear that Christmas is ruined when Daffy discovers a book named A Total Nincompoop's Guide to Building a Video Game System, which he believes will save both Christmas and their hides. They begin with Porky reading and Daffy making. Going all the way from Step 1, which is grab hold of the Central Processing Unit, to Step 1276, which is securely attach the electro chassis with the appropriate sticky stuff, Porky is eventually worn out whilst Daffy is still active in the production. When they are finished, the pig is appalled with Daffy's workmanship as it looks nothing like the intended model. Daffy nonchalantly states that he still needs to add the final blow, of which he means using the machinery to squash the shoddy looking craftsmanship together into the resulting product. After being squashed as well, Daffy marvels at his creation until Porky reveals that it is actually a killer robot that uses Daffy as a mallet to ground the pig who unintentionally walks onto the conveyor belt. The robot makes Daffy into his machine gun and fires duck eggs all over Porky, causing him to fall off the belt along with the duck, as the robot prepares to use rockets. Porky pleads for his life in utter cowardice, so Daffy uses him as a bowling ball once again to strike into the robot and launch its rockets back at it, concluding in an explosion which awakens Santa and creates the perfect game system. Santa is pleased at first with the completed system, but realizes he should make amends with his elves after an explosion causes him to have a brief fit of rage. He succeeds after promising them a twenty percent raise and an increase in their dental hygiene, saving Christmas for all. Still, he remembers to reward Porky and Daffy with their very own high-tech video game system, which turns out to be the killer robot from earlier, and the two of them are chased away from the North Pole and back into Looneyville.