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== Episodes ==
== Episodes ==
# [[The Wabbit Who Came to Supper]] (only in Wales)
# [[The Wacky Wabbit]] (only in Wales)
# [[Fresh Hare]] (only in Wales)
# [[To Duck or Not to Duck]] (only in Wales)
# [[Back Alley Oproar]] (only in Wales)
# [[What Makes Daffy Duck]] (only in Wales)
# [[What's Up Doc?]]
# [[What's Up Doc?]]
# [[Heir-Conditioned]]
# [[Heir-Conditioned]]

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Elmer Fudd (1990) (UK VHS)

Description Edit

As a special tribute to the 50th birthday of that "wascally wabbit" Bugs Bunny, this compilation looks at one of Looney Tunes best loved characters; Elmer Fudd. As the determined Hunter, Elmer is fair game for Bugs Bunny and no matter how hard he tries to trick the rabbit, the joke is always on Elmer Fudd. Pink and podgy, Elmer is basically a likeable guy. You can't help but admire his tenacity even when it overcomes his common sense. Cleary no match for the cunning Bugs Bunny, Elmer just doesn't know the meaning of the word quit. the perfect portrayal of the little guy who's ready to try anything whatever the odds.

Episodes Edit

  1. What's Up Doc?
  2. Heir-Conditioned
  3. Kit for Cat
  4. Each Dawn I Crow
  5. Ant Pasted
  6. Pests for Guests
  7. Rabbit Seasoning
  8. Hare Brush
  9. Cat Feud
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