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Emily Duff is a character on Tiny Toon Adventures.


Emily is the mother of Amanda, Elmyra, and Duncan Duff she is also the wife of MacArthur Duff who is an inventor in Grandma's Dead and a Chemical Engineer in Take Elmyra, Please. Emily works in radio which was mentioned in Grandma's Dead when the family was starting their day with breakfast and she was telling MacArthur that Duncan had to stay home with him due to a cold.

Emily is a loving mother and has an upbeat personality which is similar to Elmyra but, toned down and more mature. She does her best to take care of the household which includes making sure the baby is not being destructive due to the fact the baby has been seen to posses superhuman strength'

Emily looks like Elmyra but, is more obese and short in her appearance compared to the rest of the family whom are all slender in appearance. In earlier episodes she once wore a red dress with heels and talked similar to Elmyra but, when decided to give Elmyra her own show her appearance changed to her wearing a pink top and blue pants and her hair in a bow.

On the side note she is very patronizing and does not pay attention to her children's behavior which was seen in Take Elmyra, Please when Elmyra is Kidnapped and is informed about this by Duncan but, does not take action for she thinks he is playing a game.



"Are you alright because you're Smoking."

"I need some Assistance"

"He'll wake the baby"

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