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Bugs Exploding Piano

Bugs playing an exploding piano set up by Sam.

The "Exploding Piano Gag" is a recurring gag in Looney Tunes first introduced by director Bob Clampett in the Private Snafu short Booby Traps. It was later adopted and developed by director Friz Freleng.

The gag often features the cartoon's antagonist rigging a piano key with dynamite when the protagonist is about to play "Those Endearing Little Charms". Naturally, the protagonist skips over the key, and the antagonist tells them to try again; after the same thing happens once or twice, the antagonist exasperatedly shows them how to play the song correctly, resulting in them getting blown up. This was ruled out in "Slappy Goes Walnuts", where Doug the Dog is blown up instead, to which Slappy confirms "Old gag, new twist."

Known Uses

Cartoon User  Intended Victim 
Booby Traps Private Snafu Private Snafu
Ballot Box Bunny Yosemite Sam Bugs Bunny
Show Biz Bugs Daffy Duck Bugs Bunny
Rushing Roulette Wile E. Coyote Road Runner
Slappy Goes Walnuts Doug the Dog


Slappy Squirrel


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