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Falling for It is a 2021 Looney Tunes Cartoons short directed by Ryan Kramer.


Porky Pig and Daffy Duck are about to go skydiving from an airplane. Daffy assures him that everything will be alright, however, Porky still refuses to jump. Daffy makes the dive by himself, but they are connected by a tandem line, which pulls Porky out too. Daffy tells him not to look down, which only adds to the pig's terror. He reminds him that they both have parachutes and the time has come to pull the rip cord and let them loose. To his surprise, Porky discovers that he has Daffy's long lost doll instead, yet the duck keeps calm and pulls his own two cords, one that is actually meant to pull Granny's blinds and the other so he can wield his bill as a chainsaw.

He and Porky have to open the parachutes manually, but discover that they have no parachutes. After a brief moment of silence, they both scream in terror and contort themselves. Suddenly, Daffy comes to the false conclusion that both he and Porky are actually cats, and they can easily land on their feet. Porky sets Daffy straight, and the two plummet straight down toward a building. The building turns out to be a trampoline factory which jettisons them straight upwards and back into the plane. Porky and Daffy celebrate before the plane abruptly crashes into a mountain and singes them both.





  • This is the second short in the series to use a variation of the Porky drum ending, the first being "Overdue Duck".