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This article is about the Webtoon. For the New Looney Tunes episode, see Fast Feud.


Fast Feud is a Webtoons cartoon from April 2005.[1]


Bugs Bunny is preparing carrot juice for a lot of Looney Tunes characters when the Crusher pushes them aside. Frightened, the rabbit gives him a bucket of carrot juice. The Crusher downs the juice, crushes the bucket, and tells the rabbit that he will be back later. Daffy Duck arrives and downs a glass of carrot juice, which he does not like. He falls on the ground and spits the juice out, then gets up and says "And that's how you put the other guy out of business." He walks away and bumps into the Crusher. Bugs says that Daffy got the last drop of carrot juice. The Crusher gets angry and beats up Daffy.

Daffy makes a new shop called "Stuff on Sticks," where, as the name suggests, everything is sold on sticks. However, everybody is buying carrot juice from Bugs Bunny instead. Daffy says "the average mallgoer...where one goes, the rest will follow." Daffy sees Bugs serving the Crusher cup after cup of carrot juice. The duck approaches the Crusher and gives him a donut on a stick and a cup of coffee with Daffy's face on it, asking him how much more training he could do if he did not have to stop to eat. Daffy then begins advertising that at his shop, one can eat and do anything at the same time. All of Bugs's customers go to Daffy's store instead. Bugs uses the opportunity to get more carrots and leaves. Daffy sneaks up and puts a wrench in Bugs's mixer. While examining his carrot stash, Bugs picks up the wrench and tosses it on Daffy's head. Daffy loses his temper and returns with a bulldozer. Bugs dresses up like a bullfighter and waves a red cloth, causing Daffy's bulldozer to crash into the store. Bugs has a proposistion--dress Daffy up as a giant carrot and have him sell carrots on a stick. A lot of baby rabbits at a pet store notice. As one blows a trumpet to alert the others, Daffy screams "No!" and makes a run for it as the rabbits chase him.






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