Father of the Bird
Father of the Bird
Directed By: Stephen A. Fossati
Produced By: Chuck Jones
Linda Jones Clough
Stephen A. Fossati (co-producer)
Released: November 14, 1997
Series: Looney Tunes
Story: Stephen A. Fossati
Animation: Tom Decker
Patrick Gleeson
Roberto Casale
Greg Whittaker (Junior Animator)
Warren O'Neill (Junior Animator)
Herman Sharaf (Junior Animator)
Joe Achorn (Assistant Animator)
Martin Hopkins (Assistant Animator)
Cory Wilson (Assistant Animator)
Edy Benjamin (Assistant Animator)
John Hinshelwood (Assistant Animator)
Munir Bhatti (Assistant Animator)
Backgrounds: Jill Petrilak
Film Editor: Julie Anne Lau
Voiced By: Joe Alaskey
June Foray
Music: Cameron Patrick
Starring: Sylvester
Preceded By: From Hare to Eternity
Succeeded By: Little Go Beep
Father of the Bird (1997)

Father of the Bird (1997)

Father of the Bird is a 1997 Looney Tunes short directed by Stephen A. Fossati.


The title is a play on the 1950 film Father of the Bride (or its 1991 and 1995 remakes).


A hungry Sylvester tries to find breakfast. He sees a feather, and realizes when there's feathers and birds, there's breakfast. He walks up and snatches a sparrow egg in a nest. He thinks about what he can make with the egg, but before he can eat it for breakfast however, a little bird hatches out and calls him "Mama." He realizes that his breakfast is talking but still eats the bird. However, the bird talks inside of Sylvester's mouth and keeps calling Sylvester his mama. Despite his attempts to make the bird leave, the bird just keeps following him. At one point, Sylvester tells the bird to not to call him "Mama", but the bird calls him "Papa." However, Sylvester suddenly warms to the idea of being a father and instead of eating it again, he protects the bird throughout a series of near-disasters.

He first sees the bird dangling on a telephone line and walks up to it. The telephone line pulls down, and the bird walks off, launching Sylvester to a construction site to be slammed into an I-beam and nearly get threatened to be smashed by an anvil. The bird walks into the construction site and it crawls into a bulldog's mouth. Sylvester fishes out the bird, but the bulldog manages to reel in Sylvester and attack him. The bird walks into a railroad track and walks up into a train. Sylvester follows, and is slammed into a train tunnel. The anvil from earlier smashes onto Sylvester's head and then another train runs down on him.

Sylvester is extremely upset, and tries to threaten to eat the bird. The bird calls Sylvester "Papa" and Sylvester kisses the bird, causing him to nearly eat it. At the end, Sylvester is now the father to a series of similar birds, who keep calling Sylvester "Papa," much to his dismay.



  • The little bird is never explicitly given a name, but in one scene Sylvester derisively calls it Cornbread.
  • This is the last short ever produced by Chuck Jones, ending a career that began in 1938.
  • This is the last Sylvester cartoon made in the 20th century.
  • This is also the last Looney Tunes production made in the 1990s.


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