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Feather Bluster is a 1958 Merrie Melodies short directed by Robert McKimson.


An elderly Foghorn Leghorn and Barnyard Dawg are exchanging old stories during a game of checkers. Their grandsons outside overhear their talk and imitate their old actions. Foghorn chastises his grandson, but the latter points out that he and his grandson take after them. The flashbacks between Foghorn and Dawg use footage from the following cartoons:

  • "Henhouse Henery" (1949): The scene where Dawg runs into the fence that Foghorn painted to make it look like an open gate, and when Foghorn runs into a mill to create a baseball bat to use against Dawg. Only a new bit of animation is made showing Foghorn coming out of the workshop apparently unscathed telling the audience "That, I say, that dawg keeps a-pitchin' 'em and I keep a-duckin' 'em!", but proves himself wrong when after briefly going back in, he falls over in a daze after coming back out.
  • "The High and the Flighty" (1956): The scene where Foghorn gives Dawg a rigged spring bone.
  • "All Fowled Up" (1955): The scene where Foghorn tries to blow a stick of dynamite through a tube at Dawg, but it backfires.
  • "Henhouse Henery" (1949): The final reused clip in the cartoon, is once again from here, in which Foghorn scares Dawg out of his dog house and proceeds to paint his tongue green. They share laughs revisiting all these memories, till Dawg questions if the kids were listening in on them, Foghorn says there's no way they could've heard their talk as he looks out the window to check on them, being greeting by the sight of his grandson painting Dawg's grandson's tongue green.





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