Fifi (Scent-imental Over You).png
Background information
Species: Dog
Gender: Female
Debut appearance: "Scent-imental over You"
Created by: Chuck Jones
Portrayed by:

Fifi is a chihuahua character who appeared in "Scent-imental over You".

While she is unnamed in the actual cartoon, she is given the name "Fifi" on her model sheet.[1][2]

She had a brief appearance in Space Jam.


Ridiculed by the neighborhood dogs for her lack of fur, Fifi decides to borrow a fur coat and enter the dog show. Unfortunately, she borrows a skunk pelt by accident, which soon frightens the other dogs when she encounters them. As Fifi breaks down crying at how the other dogs run away for her, she attracts the unwanted attention of the amorous Pepé Le Pew, who mistakes her for a female skunk. Pepé continues chasing her until she finally reveals that she is a dog. But upon noticing that the "skunk" she was romantically pursued by is a dog in disguise, she falls in love with him, unaware of the fact that "dog" is actually Pepé in disguise.


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