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Firehouse Frenzy is a 2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons short.


At the Looneyville Fire Department, Daffy Duck is sound asleep, until the fire bell begins to chime. He thinks it's his alarm clock, which is already switched off. Still hearing the bell, however, he throws the clock in his bedside table drawer. Now with the chiming stuck in his ears, he opens his blearily bloodshot eyes before the Daffy inside his head closes them both like a curtain, after which he grabs a hatchet and destroys his entire bedside table, clock included. Porky Pig, having already woken up, alerts Daffy that he needs to get into his uniform, to which Daffy shrugs, leading the pig to try and pull him out of bed. After two failed attempts, he discovers a lever on Daffy's bed and ejects him out onto the fireman's pole, finally waking him up.

Sliding down the pole, they ride on a carousel horse, get separated through many twists, bends, and turns, halt midway to allow a family of ducks to pass, and land in the fiery realm of Hell, where Satan informs them that the fire is actually upstairs before pricking them upward with his trident towards the North Pole, after which Daffy says that they should've hung a looey at Poland. Santa Claus tells them that the fire is actually downstairs before slamming them downward with his sackful of toys to the real first floor. Daffy and Porky then battle over which uniform they should wear in the changing room, even wearing the same attire at one point, but eventually they settle on wearing separate uniforms. Daffy lists that the last essential they need is a Dalmatian, so his kidnaps a man, names him "Man", paints him black and white, and stows him away in the fire truck. The pair finally head out after Daffy retrieves his coffee flask.

When they finally reach the fire, they realize that it was in the fire department all along. After the department is burnt, Daffy and Porky climb into their intact beds and go back to sleep, smashing the clock as they do so.