Flash in the Pain is a 2014 Looney Tunes short directed by Matthew O'Callaghan.


Wile E. Coyote receives an Acme Transporter ("As Seen on TV"; "Go into the Light...with style"), a teleportation device worn on the forearm.

After testing it, he lays a pile of bird seed for bait, teleports behind the eating Road Runner with an Acme bomb, and teleports away. The bomb rolls to where he has teleported, so he teleports to escape, into mid air, where he falls. Before he can teleport, he crashes into a rock projecting from the cliff. The rock breaks loose. He falls the rest of the way, with the boulder following.

To evade the boulder, he teleports to the top of a moving truck. He sees Road Runner and is distracted. He is then hit by three signs. Road Runner makes a U-turn, so the Coyote teleports to a truck going in the opposite direction, whereupon he is hit again by the same three signs in reverse order.

He falls off the truck onto the road. The Acme bomb rolls past. The boulder rolls down the road, and the Coyote rolls aside to avoid being hit. A truck comes at the Coyote, who rolls once again to avoid being hit, and falls off a cliff.

While falling, he teleports again, and ends up in Granny's apartment where Tweety is in a cage. Granny is chasing Sylvester with a baseball bat. The others stop and stare at the Coyote, who backs out of a window and falls. While falling, he teleports, but ends up just below the window he just fell out of. Granny hits him with the bat, he falls and teleports back to Granny, who hits him again.

He lands in a garbage can, and teleports away with the can before a truck can hit him. He returns to the desert highway. The Acme bomb rolls down into the can, and the boulder rolls on top of the can sealing the Coyote and the bomb in. Boom. The boulder rolls to reveal "That's All Folks!"

There is a post-credits epilogue, with the Coyote teleporting one last time to a railroad crossing.


  • Tweety is voiced by Mel Blanc, using samples from older cartoons (Tweety's S.O.S., Tweet and Lovely).
  • The Tweety and Sylvester scene from this cartoon re-uses the same background setup from "I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat" (2011) three years earlier.
  • The signs that hit the Coyote read:
    1. "Jct 76 Buzzard Bluff 125 - No Agua Falls 219 - Cotton Mouth Canyon 418"
    2. "Stop Fires"
    3. "Eats 8 Miles Ahead"

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