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Fleece & Desist is a 2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons short.


The title is a play on the phrase "cease and desist".


After punching into his daily job of protecting the sheep flock of Cowstone Farm, Sam Sheepdog protects his woolly priorities from a hungry Ralph Wolf.

1. Ralph uses a carpet to generate static electricity, testing himself with his own fur and rolling around on the carpet to create enough to attract a sheep. However, just as he is about to get away, Sam uses a balloon to generate the same energy, attracts Ralph, pops the balloon, and proceeds to use the Wolf as a punching ball.

2. Ralph hides in the bushes to use a plunger crossbow to kidnap a sheep and take it back to his hideout near the sheep pen, where he puts the ovine on plate, seasons it with mixed vegetables, and puts it in the oven to cook. When the lamb roast is finally ready, Ralph is punched into the door by Sam who rescues the sheep and takes it back to the pen, shutting the door to send Ralph flying into the walls of his house as he does so.

3. Ralph lures Sam away from his herd with a bone and grabs a large cardboard canvas of the landscape to fool him, allowing the wolf to devour a sheep... only to discover that it is made of cardboard. Turns out that Sam has seen through the ruse, and he uses the bone to swing Ralph back first into a rock and turn him into cardboard as well before collecting all of the cut-outs, including Ralph, and placing them in the waste disposal

When the work whistle blows, Ralph emerges from the bin, and after Sam punches out, he has his hand punched by the dog who claims to "give him a hand".