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Fowl Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain is the final webisode of the Toon Marooned series of Webtoons cartoons. It premiered 4 September 2001.


NOTE: Plot may contain elements of the webtoon's original internet version, including the intended order of events in the webtoon's interactive portion.

The finalists have been decided: Tweety and Daffy. Bugs explains that they were originally going to have all the eliminated toons return to decide the winner, but the idea was abandoned because they all said they had "better things to do." Therefore Daffy and Tweety must participate in one final challenge: a race to the summit of Mount Festeroon through the "Caverns of Peril"; the first to touch the idol at the top wins. On their way to the idol, they come upon challenging puzzles. Daffy misses a complicated math problem, then must make a choice of three doors; behind one seems to be a ladies' room, he gets torched by fire when he opens another, and the third one is a closet, its entire contents pouring out onto Daffy. Tweety meanwhile gets some comparatively easy puzzles: the "which came first?" question, to which he knows the answer, and a slot machine. He clears these puzzles with ease, allowing him to reach the summit first and touch the idol, winning the prize money and the competition altogether. Daffy, unaware Tweety has won, arrogantly swats the canary aside and takes the idol from its stand, insisting on being the winner. However, Bugs reminds Daffy he was supposed to "touch the idol", not "move it", because Daffy's removing the idol awakens and invokes the wrath of Festeroon's Volcano God. Bugs and Tweety make their escape, leaving Daffy to be thrown into the sea by the ensuing volcanic eruption.

Bugs asks a reserve tribe of minor characters if the main tribe made out any better then they did.



  • Originally the winner was going to be decided by everyone voted off the show, a reference to the Jury that decides the winner in the original Survivor series, but they were all too busy:
    • Tasmanian Devil is doing signings for his book How to Cook and Eat Everything
    • Granny is modelling
    • Sylvester is on David Letterman
  • Even though the first webisode "Survival of the Dimmest" states the prize is $100, Tweety wins over $2500.
  • The idol has the words "Hecho En Mexico" engraved on it meaning "made in Mexico".
  • Daffy says the phrase "mine, mine, mine" which he said in the classic cartoon "Ali Baba Bunny".
  • The original internet version's interactive portion involved the sequence with Daffy and a choice from three doors which allowed the viewer to choose in which order he would open them.



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