Fowl Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain
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Series: Toon Marooned


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Release: 2001, Looney Tunes: Reality Check
Previous: Obstacles, Of Course

Fowl Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain is the final webisode of the Toon Marooned series of Webtoons cartoons. It premiered September 4, 2001.


Finalists Tweety and Daffy must race to the top of Mount Festeroon and touch the idol to be win. On their way to the idol, they come upon challenging puzzles. Tweety reaches the top first and wins the prize money and the competition altogether. Daffy arrogantly takes the idol and insists on being the winner. However, unaware of Bugs' warning of removing the idol from its pedestal instead of just touching it, he instead awakens and invokes the wrath of the Mighty Volcano God.



Eliminated Players

2nd Tribe


Looney Tunes The Toon Marooned episode 10 (Not such a big Finale)

Looney Tunes The Toon Marooned episode 10 (Not such a big Finale)


  • Originally the winner was going to be decided by everyone voted off the show but they were all too busy:
    • Tasmanian Devil is doing signings for his book How to Cook and Eat Everything
    • Granny is modelling
    • Sylvester is on David Letterman
  • Even though the first webisode "Survival of the Dimmest" states the prize is $100, Tweety wins over $2500.
  • The idol has the words "Hecho En Mexico" engraved on it meaning made in Mexico.
  • Daffy says the phrase "mine, mine, mine" which he said in the classic cartoon "Ali Baba Bunny".
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