Fox (Merrie Melodies - Fox-Terror).png
Fox (possible name)
Background information
Species: Red Fox
Gender: Male
Debut appearance: Fox-Terror
(May 11, 1957)
Created by: Robert McKimson
Portrayed by: Mel Blanc

Fox is a Merrie Melodies character. Fox has only one appearance, in the short "Fox-Terror".


Foghorn's going fishing, but a strange fox has other plans for him. Posing as a racetrack tout, he suggests Foggy get a hunting dog and go hunting. Once the dog is gone, the fox comes after the chickens. One of them pulls the fox alarm, and the dog comes running back (too late). The fox next poses as a quiz show host, tricking Foghorn and the dog into blowing each other up. They go through another cycle or two of abuse before identifying the Fox. They team up and go after him.


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