Francis X. Bushlad
Background information
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Debut appearance:
Created by: Art Vitello
Portrayed by: Rob Paulsen

Francis X. Bushlad is a character in Taz-Mania. He first appeared in the episode "Frights of Passage", which originally aired 14 Sep 1991.


Francis X. Bushlad is a young Tasmanian bushman who is determined to hunt and capture Taz as his rite of manhood (a task that is both difficult and unprecedented for generations, according to his father and tribal elder). Although called a "bushman" and meant to be an Aborigine hunter, Francis is white with red hair and has a very upper-class voice and speech pattern. Despite his tribal Indian-like society, they talk and behave like well-educated business people. The name is a parody of silent film actor Francis X. Bushman. His father Felton, also a highly educated man, sounds like Jim Backus.


He had reddish-orange hair and wears only a powder blue loincloth.




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