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Frank Tashlin (born Francis Fredrick Von Taschlein, 19 February 1913 - 5 May 1972) was an American animator, screenwriter, director and author.

Frank Tashlin started his career in the early 1930s after looking for a job via dropping high school. He was hired by Schlesinger, who welcomed his talents. He quit after a dispute with a worker, and after he refused to show Schlesinger some of his new comics. He directed a lot of Porky films back in the 30s and 40s and most of the Merrie Melodies from 1937-38. His last cartoon was "Hare Remover", for which he was uncredited in the short, as he left Warner Bros to direct some live-action films, specifically the Jayne Mansfield vehicle The Girl Can't Help It and most of Jerry Lewis' solo comedies, and his unit was eventually taken over by Robert McKimson.

In 1946, Tashlin published a children's book, The Bear That Wasn't. About twenty years after the book was released, the story was adapted for television by MGM Animation Studios, directed by Chuck Jones.

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