Fred Armisen by David Shankbone
Fred Armisen
General information
Born: December 4th, 1966
Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Cause of death:
Alternate names:
Occupation(s): Comedian, musician, actor
Years active: 1987 - present
Spouse: Sally Timms (divorced)
Elizabeth Moss (divorced)

Fred Armisen (b. December 4, 1966) is an American comedian, musician, and actor, best known for his roles on the NBC sketch show, Saturday Night Live. Armisen was on the show from seasons 28 to 38 (2002 to 2013), becoming the show's longest-staying Hispanic and Asian cast member (Armisen has a Venezuelan mother and a German and Japanese father).

On Saturday Night Live, he was known for playing characters who were foreign-born (often sharing his Hispanic and/or Asian heritage) or had musical talent. His notable celebrity impressions included Prince, Liberace, Ringo Starr, former New York governor David Patterson (which offended the real Patterson due to Armisen allegedly making fun of his blindness), Barack Obama (which caused minor controversy, as Armisen isn't African-American and Saturday Night Live passed up on Jordan Peele and Donald Glover as potential cast members to play the former President), and Lawrence Welk.

Looney Role(s)

He voiced Speedy Gonzales in The Looney Tunes Show.

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