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Galactic Taz Ball is a 2010 video game made specifically for the Nintendo DS by WayForward Technologies. It stars Tasmanian Devil as the main character and Marvin the Martian as the villain.


Marvin the Martian is stealing Earth's landscape to make Mars more scenic. While doing so, he accidentally kidnaps The Tasmanian Devil. Taz must therefore spin his way through bizarre worlds to stop Marvin from destroying Earth and make his way back home. At the end of the game, Tasmanian, after defeating Marvin's giant robot cat, finds a giant rocket shaped like a drumstick and spins right into it, mistaking it for a real morsel. Two Instant Martians make cameo-appearances as the pilots. Upon making it to Earth, the rocket explodes, sending Taz under the tree where his misadventure first began.


  • Tasmanian Forest
  • Tasmanian Jungle
  • Road Runner/Wile E. Coyote-like Desert
  • Frozen Tundra
  • Mars


Galactic Taz Ball was rated "E" for "Everyone" by E.S.R.B. for comic mischief.