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Goo Goo Goliath is a 1954 Merrie Melodies short directed by Friz Freleng.


The Drunk Stork, number 672, has to deliver a baby to Mrs. Giant at the top of a beanstalk, but is too tired and inebriated. Instead he decides to give it to John and Ethel, normal size parents who have to raise the giant baby. They go through truckloads of milk, baby oil, and diapers. They have to bathe him in a swimming pool. They give him a car tire for a teething ring. When he plays with cars and trucks, they're real cars and trucks. He wears The Brown Derby restaurant as a hat.

The family that was supposed to get the giant baby winds up with a normal-size baby instead. When the office learns of the mistake, they send 672, still drunk, to switch the babies back. He returns the giant baby to the giants, but once again makes the mistake of delivering the normal baby to a kangaroo at the zoo.



  • This is the only time we see the inside of the storks' baby delivery headquarters and what really happens inside. It is also the only cartoon where The Drunk Stork has a starring role, albeit appearing only twice, at the beginning and at the end.
  • A similar-looking couple to John and Ethel from this cartoon would appear in "Pizzicato Pussycat" the following year.
  • The working title was "Stork Clubbed".


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