Grand Master Rabbit is a Webtoons cartoon.


Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck engage in various challenges against each other where the loser leaves the park.


Bugs Bunny is painting at a park while close by Daffy Duck and Cecil Turle are playing chess. Daffy checkmates Cecil, who then gets out the 'Rules of Chess' book. Daffy insulted that his integrity is questioned slams on the chess board, sending a chess piece at Bug's canvas.

Bugs goes and watches the game of chess, now between Daffy and Wile E. Coyote. Daffy loses due to Bugs interference so Daffy and Bugs have a chess match. Daffy instantly loses and so the duo participate in more challenges where the loser leaves the park.


The challenge is no to who can swing the highest.

Boat Race

Then they have a boat race.


Then a juggling contest between then. Daffy hands Bugs a grenade disguised as a soccer ball. When its Daffy's turn to juggle the bomb explodes.


Losing in every single game, Daffy and Bugs have a badminton match. Junior Bear appears wanting to join in the game. Bugs gives Junior his racket telling him to 'wack the birdie'. Daffy gets hit by Junior and sent flying out of the park.



Bugs Bunny - Grand Master Rabbit

Bugs Bunny - Grand Master Rabbit

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