Grilled Cheese Title Card

Grilled Cheese is a Merrie Melodies song from The Looney Tunes Show, sung by Elmer Fudd


I wowk so vewy hawd aww day wong.
I stawt to dweam of you befowe I get home.
Gwiwwed Cheese...
I hope you'we weady.
'Cause we got a date.
I just can't wait to get home and put you on my pwate.
Gwiwwed Cheese... Sandwich...
The buttew will stawt mewting when I wight the fwame.
'Cause the buttew and the cheese awe gonna pway a wittwe game.
It's cawwed mewting...
On the bwead.
Don't need a burgew, don't need no shake.
I'll waugh in ya face if you offew me cake.
Don't waste my time with ya bwussel spwouts.
If you make me a steak, I'ww just thwow it out.
I want a Gwiwwed Cheese...
(Gwiwwed Cheese)
Not a BLT...
(Gwiwwed Cheese)
Awe ya fowwowing me?
(Gwiwwed Cheese)
I wove more than any othew.
I think I'm gonna make anothew.
Gwiwwed, gwiwwed, gwiwwed, gwiwwed Cheese,
If you pwease.


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