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Grilled Rabbit is a 2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons short.


Bugs Bunny has been arrested and is dreaming peacefully whilst tied to a restraint chair. Suddenly, someone sloshes a bucket of water at him to wake him up, and he thinks that Nazi Germany has decided to stage the Third World War before realizing that the very someone is Elmer Fudd, who has set up his own remote detective agency and interrogates Bugs about a crime, with the rabbit guessing the violation as either tax evasion, loitering, or murder. Irritated, Fudd takes out some case files and throws them over to Bugs to refresh his memory about the theft, further stating that it involved Bugs stealing carrots from his garden when he responds by mocking his facial features and gardening skills. Bugs calmly pleads his innocence but Elmer is not convinced, so he decides to scorch Bugs under a blazing hot lamp, only for the rabbit to create shadow puppets of a duck and a dog, causing Elmer to become more determined in making Bugs admit his crime.

Fudd has Bugs take a polygraph test, which means if he lies, the buzzer will sound to allow Elmer to maul him. Bugs starts off the test by stating that his name is Bugsworth Bunny, confusing Elmer. He then tells false truths by saying that Elmer's choice of clothing suits him, accentuates his muscles, and that women dig it, with Elmer admitting to the last one and the lie detector proving his falsehood. Having had enough of the rabbit's trickery, Fudd prepares to thrash Bugs until he is questioned about his experience in detective work and decides to take lessons in Good Cop Bad Cop. Bugs ties him up to the restraint chair and explains this method by offering Elmer homemade pie and slamming his his face into it, then screaming in his general direction and slapping him in the face to make him vulnerable before slamming him into an ice cream sundae. Realizing he has been tricked once again, Elmer forces Bugs to finally confess who did it.

Bugs gives Elmer a facial composite of the culprit by describing him as having a nearly obscure face, before pretending to be shocked at what he sees and hitting Fudd with a shovel so his face resembles the drawing. Elmer remains adamant that he did not steal the carrots, but Bugs convinces him otherwise by revealing dirt from the crime scene under his fingernails and his involvement in the theft through one of the case files. With his mind now shattered, Elmer begins to vigorously interrogate himself whilst Bugs watches, eating one of Fudd's carrots.