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Hare Restoration is a 2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons short.


Bugs Bunny has finally been captured and put in a pot to cook. When he wakes up in a sober state, he mistakes the situation for his usual daily routine before realizing that the water is actually stew that Elmer Fudd has placed him in as a main ingredient along with onion, garlic, potato, and corn. When Bugs asks about his predicament, Elmer replies that he is preparing for his date. Fortunately for Bugs, he gets an idea when Fudd's baldness reflects in his face: giving him dating advice. Elmer stubbornly resists at first, but then decides that he is thinning a little, so Bugs helps him regrow his hair by introducing him to Bugs Bunny's Multi Purpose Hair Rejuvenation Procedure which is said to guarantee results. After Elmer envisions his girlfriend smitten with his own hair, he is immediately suckered.

In the first step, Bugs "tenderizes" Elmer's forehead follicles by giving a grotesque scalp massage to mold him into a fruit bowl, The Thinker, and a pizza base rolled up with an egg inside to create a pizza. Elmer becomes skeptical about the procedure but Bugs reassures him that it will work. In the second step, Bugs applies a conductive gel to Fudd's scalp and injures him with a clamp to "energize" his hair, after which another Bugs disguises as a tow truck driver, switches on his motor, and electrifies Elmer's head to resemble a light bulb so the first Bugs can use him as a lamp. In the third step, Elmer begins to get extremely peeved with Bugs, so he improvises by:

  • Tap dancing on Elmer's head
  • Beating it like a timpani
  • Clashing it with cymbals
  • Putting sticks of dynamite in his ears to blow him up and then douse him with water
  • Placing the water bucket on his head and cracking it
  • Drilling his head with a jackhammer
  • Slamming a cream pie into his face
  • Tangoing with him before hurling him into a blender

Bugs, dressed as an executioner, forces Elmer to plead his last words, but Fudd catches onto the trickery, breaks out of the blender, and prepares to put Bugs into his stew. Bugs uses the pot lid to show Elmer his newly regrown hair, and is thanked for his advice. Elmer, unaware that his hair is growing at a rapid rate, goes to see his date who is, of course, Bugs in drag, who scolds him for forgetting to shave his hair, which has now covered his entire body, before walking away. After all of his hair falls off, Elmer makes a dour comment about his ordeal.