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Harm Wrestling is a 2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons short directed by David Gemmill.


The title is a play on "arm wrestling."


In the hardened desert town of Toughguy City, where the population varies, the residents of the town are downtrodden in the hopes of beating the saloon's reigning arm-wrestling champ, Yosemite Sam, whose secret to winning is squeezing the life out of his opponent's hand and then slamming them through the table before booting out the loser so they can attend their arm's own funeral. After everyone flees the saloon when Sam asks for another challenger, who should step in but Bugs Bunny, who is immediately challenged. He briefly declines in favor of boxed carrot water, but Sam leaves him with no other choice but to participate. Before the match can begin, Bugs criticizes Sam's dirty fingernails and advises him to wash them in a bowl of water, which is full of piranhas that feast on Sam's right hand. However, Sam is undeterred by the carnivorous fish and decides to resume the match, before being tickled by Bugs' right index finger, but still, he remains adamant. Bugs then uses a feather to tickle him once more, but still, Sam is unmoved. He is then further angered when Bugs tricks him into smashing an egg, which of course, he is able to fry.

Before Sam can say "Go," Bugs continually forces his arm onto the table, leaving Sam with no other choice but to tear off his own shirt to reveal his secret muscular physique. Bugs then proceeds to inflate his own arm in return. Alas, Sam points it out as cheating, so Bugs pushes the air into Sam, which Sam inadvertently transfers to his own buttocks, embarrassing himself and deflating them afterward. Now in a blind fury, Sam chains his and Bugs' arms together, stating that they will arm wrestle for real this time, and thus the match truly begins. Bugs manages to break free from his chains and asks Sam if he should bet on him or not, to which Sam accepts before realizing that both Bugs and his right arm have turned into dynamite sticks, which then explode in his face and destroy the entire saloon.

The real Bugs appears and he tips Sam's arm over, causing him to drop unconscious in an instant. Then Bugs asides that this wasn't his first rodeo, signified by his blue ribbon certificate of his arm wrestling days back in 1964.